10 key factors to increase AdSense revenue

I recently faced a problem with optimizing AdSense ads on my website, I take this opportunity to share with you some practical/useful links that have allowed me to arrive at double the rate of click (hence income) of the site. You will not find a user manual for this simple reason because each site is different and have a different look.

To begin with we need to understand the mode of Google AdSense, you can not reasonably get involved in the process of optimizing your ads without understanding the basic operation of the system or knowing all of the tools at your disposal by the authority. Because ultimately, maximizing its advertising revenue is first to arrive at the best choices in terms of locations, colors, sizes, etc.. and it is far from easy given the number of factors to consider.

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Here are some key optimizations to keep in mind to increase Adsense Revenue:

• The locations of ads: You should always position your ads in “hot spots” of reading your site (i.e. eye tracking ), advertisements located in the “cold spots” are ineffective. You also need to consider ways of reading popular depending on the situation (Blog, etc..).

In terms of positioning, here’s what it means:

• The format of the ads: The more formats the best results (more diverse ads, better display, etc..). You can (should) however complete your ads with different formats and additional annexes (as such formats unexpected type thematic links can achieve very interesting results).


• Type of ads: Google is competing advertisers via an auction system, and this competition is much greater on the type of ads shown. Should therefore take advantage of this system (where feasible visually), opting often as possible for the type of ad text and image (and you will have a wider range of ads to display, thus a better earning potential)

• The integration of ad design: There are 3 different techniques. Harmonization (pubs is to drown in the content – probably the most technical praised by broadcasters), complementarity (color advertisements in a complementary range), contrast (it is playing on contrasts to highlight the pubs – I personally find this technique difficult to implement and therefore more or less irrelevant).

• Patience: It is advisable to keep your online ads for a period of at least two weeks (one week may be sufficient) to compare the effectiveness of different criteria used via the evolution of click-through rate and the CPM.

• Targeting by location: According to information gathered during a webinar on the topic of Google France, it is quite interesting to define locations for its various advertising blocks. This gives the advertiser a very precise targeting additional appreciation, competition among advertisers is at the same time even stronger, which ensures the diffuser higher pay.

• Contextual Targeting and integration into the source code: The Google Adsense advertisements are broadcast automatically according to the universe semantic on the site, and the most profitable ads always appear in the first ad unit on a page. It is therefore essential to ensure that the advertising block is the main source code first. It is also possible to directly specify what the robot AdSense text boxes should be primarily taken into account.

• Filtering ads: First of all to prevent the display of ads on your site competitors this tool must be used to prevent the display of ads from sites Made For Adsense can truly fill your income. (Info + list: Use the filter to increase AdSense revenue – in English)

• Think of complementary products: Think of complementary products to Google Google-type searches for videos, stream … depending on the circumstances it can be very interesting.

• Follow the rules / pay attention: Last point is a bit more mundane but important: respect the rules (e.g. max 3 ad units per page…) and stay tuned to different developments. It could be new opportunities for lucrative remuneration or updates needed to do to stay in line with regulations.

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