How To Set Up A Gym In Your Garden

The health trend is still making waves across the world and is set to continue to grow, getting more and more people on board with the idea of self-improvement in many different forms.

Set Up A Gym In Your Garden

In Australia, 24% of people follow a diet that limits or eliminates sugar, and in America, nearly half the population has said they have made drastic improvements to their health in the last year. In the UK, 7 percent of people report they are vegan, with many of those people going plant-based purely for health reasons.

Globally, the health and wellness industry is worth over $700 billion pounds and it isn’t likely to be stopping anytime soon.

If you have found yourself swept up in the excitement of getting healthy, then you may well have thought about creating a home gym for yourself in your garden. Gym memberships can be expensive, and it can be inconvenient getting to the gym before or after work.

If you’re committed to getting fit and healthy long-term and you use the gym more than once a month then it could be a fantastic idea to create your own workout space in your garden. You’ll save money, have control over the equipment and decor, and most importantly you’ll have a space to workout in whenever you want.

Here are top tips for setting yourself up with a home gym:

Pick The Right Spot

Depending on the size of your garden you might not have much choice in where you set up your gym. You might be using a building that is already there, or you might be setting one up. It is important you choose the best possible spot that works for your needs. If you want to set up showers and a hot tub for afterward, and full electricity and amenities then the closer to your house the better so you can link to your home energy supplies. However, if you don’t mind not having full amenities and perhaps utilizing diesel generators for power whilst you use the space, then you can pretty much place the gym anywhere you want on your land.

Get It Properly Planned

Even if the gym is going to be basic, a properly planned gym is a good idea. In commercial gyms, the placement of machines is well thought out. You’ll want to think about exactly what you want in there, and where you want it all to be placed. It is also important to consider your decor, and your budget so you know exactly what you’re creating, how you’re creating it, and the resources you have to create it. If needs be, do consider hiring a professional to design the gym and even build and set it up if your budget stretches that far. If this is going to be somewhere you spend time every single day, it is worth that extra effort.

Think Carefully About the Equipment

The equipment may be the most expensive part of your home gym setup and so it requires a lot of thought. If you have a big budget you may well want to get straight in at the deep end and place every piece of gym equipment you can think of in your workout space. However, the likelihood is that you have specific gym equipment you use for your workouts. For a well-considered gym startup, begin with the basic equipment you already use and then slowly build your equipment over time. This means you will only get items you know you need, and you’ll be able to take advantage of sales or bargains when you see them.

Safety First

Safety should be a huge priority when it comes to your home gym. When you go out to a commercial gym the equipment is checked regularly and people are there to show you how to use it. If anything does go wrong somebody will see straight away and be able to get help to you. When you use equipment in a home gym you may well be on your own when using it. It will always be riskier than going to a commercial gym but you can minimize the risk by:

  • Buying equipment you know is safe
  • Getting a professional to check the equipment is safely set up
  • Maintaining equipment properly
  • Always checking equipment before you use it
  • Using equipment as directed by manufacturers
  • Having a phone in your pocket that is fully charged or a landline connected to the space
  • Letting somebody know you’re going to the gym
  • Ideally going to the gym with your partner or other members of your household

Don’t Forget To Make It Your Own

Don’t forget that this home gym is yours to enjoy and so, it should be somewhere you want to spend time. Maybe for you, that means spending extra cash on a music system, or perhaps that means comfortable floor mats you will enjoy doing floorwork on. It could even mean a bright green decor theme if that is what you have always dreamed of! Just remember this is your space to get fit in, and it is yours to design and turn into your dream workout space.

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