The World's Smallest Computer

This time I will talk about computers with dimensions not used to, aka the world's smallest computer, if there is just as big as the smallest computer-owned mobile phone charger buddy? : D,  maybe all computers are large and consume lots of places to put it, and need more space to put a pc, screen, keyboard, and other force. did not you ..? : D, according to whom there is no mobile phone charger small computer ..? 

Other surplus computers now appear in the form of a super-sized 2-inch mini to box shaped like dice. This computer-named  Cubox, Though small in size, the computer does not lose performance when compared with the computer normally. :)

Computer + small + CuBox

Specifications owned by Cubox using processor 800 megahertz dual issue PJ4 Marvell ARMADA 510 ARM SoC with an embedded RAM of 2 GB. 

At the rear of the box available USB 2.0 ports, an ethernet port, and is also available infrared receiver HDMI port to display images with a resolution of 1080p.

cubox + pro

Office jobs such as checking email, browsing, typing can be done on the computer without a problem. The operating system used on a small computer is ubuntu linux. 

The pricing for this pro cubox of 169.99 U.S. dollars. If you would like one, while this report is not yet available market appears to be ordered in advance.

I do not know, what kind of computer it can menggebrak market? Because the smartphone or tablet it's like all activities in conventional computers can do. Hopefully not include the findings that failed, so ... :) (That can be bought): D, do not forget to leave comments yaa ..? thank you .. :)

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