How To Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate   is the rate of the number of visitors to your site and exits from it quickly without browsing the site, and it is one of the statistics that bloggers and websites owners must follow constantly because it expresses the extent of visitors’ interaction with your site and shows if your site is useful or not

Reduce Bounce Rate

So let's learn more about the bounce rate and how to reduce its rate if it is high

what is the normal percentage bounce rate?

There is a difference in proportions and they can be divided as follows

  • The perfect bounce rate should be less than 20%.
  • A good percentage is less than 40%.
  • The average score ranges from 50% to 60%.
  • The bad rate is greater than 70%.

So if your site's bounce rate is greater than 50%, you must take some measures to reduce this percentage in various ways.

Google measures how good your site is with bounce rate

But let's first know the most important reasons that lead to a high bounce rate

what are the reasons for the high bounce rate?

  • The template used in the site or design may not be compatible with many devices
  • Insufficient speed in loading the website page
  • Navigating between the pages of the site is very difficult
  • Not inviting visitors to call-to-action or interact with your social media pages

You must be well aware that the process of reducing the bounce rate is necessary since it leads to an increase in the chances of your site appearing in the search engines, which leads to an increase in your Google Adsense rankings.

how to reduce the bounce rate

1 . the speed of loading your site and the pages within it

The first thing the user looks at in order to express his opinion about your site is the speed of navigation between the pages of the site, so it is the first step that you must work to achieve

What is the point of good and useful content, when the visitor finds it difficult to load the pages

So you must make sure to measure the speed of your site through these tools, whether Pingdom or GTmetrix

The page load speed should not exceed one second

There are several tools that help increase the speed of the site, such as Cloudflare,  or the use of compressed images to reduce their size without affecting the content of the images, as well as compressing CSS files, similar to javascript files.

2 . moderate use of pop-ups

There are two opinions about the importance of pop-up windows. Some of them say that they are necessary for increasing the conversion process, and other opinion says that they are annoying, especially if they are not compatible with the content of the page.

You can display pop-up windows after the visitor has finished reading the content and activate the close button so that you leave the freedom of choice so as not to disturb him

3 . flexibility in browsing and using the site

A quick browsing of your site will only come by using the distinctive template that helps in speeding up the loading of the site's pages. In addition, the correct way to create textures and classifications has a major role in the speed of loading the site.

So you should put the lists according to what the visitor is constantly searching for on your site

4 . your site is compatible with mobile devices

Make sure your site is compatible with smartphones

You can use the test my site tool to see if your site is compatible with mobile devices

Using the right template plays a big role in making your site compatible with tablets as well

5 . website design development

According to what was mentioned previously, the development of the site will only be done by using a professional template that speeds up the loading of the site and solves the problem of the bounce rate, which leads to an increase in the chances of your site appearing on Google search engines.

6 . writing structured content

One of the good SEO criteria that leads to the appearance of your site in search engines is that the content is easy to read and understand. It is divided into coordinated sub-headings, and each point under the heading is explained individually so that your content is easy to find in the search engine.

If you are using the WordPress platform, you can use the  Yoast SEO tool, which determines the readability and readability of the content.

7 . update old content

Naturally, the visitor will not interact with old content that does not keep up with the latest developments

So from time to time, you should update some content so that the visitor finds everything he wants in a modern way in your content

8 . internal links to solve the bounce rate problem 

Internal links are one of the tools used to attract the visitor to move between other pages on the site, which leads to a decrease in the bounce rate

And get a good ranking in the search engines

Moreover, internal links are one of the indispensable basics of SEO in providing comprehensive content with all modern Google algorithms

9 . addressing missing links on the site

It is necessary to continuously monitor the various links of your site in order to make sure that the links that the visitor clicks on are correct

You can use the webmaster's tool available on the  Google search console

So you can beat the bounce rate percentage

10. unique error page design to reduce bounce rate 

If you have invalid links within your site and you haven't been able to solve it until now, just design a special page for the page related to the error

With a valid link, the visitor will be redirected to another page

You can use these tips from Google to design a unique error page

11. moderation in the use of profitable ads

The main goal of creating blogs and websites is to profit from them, for example, Google Adsense

But the frequent placement of ads may disturb the visitor, especially if the ads block reading from the visitor

In addition, completely avoid using pop-up ads, as they are one of the factors that increase the bounce rate

12 . the site is compatible with all Google browsers

You may have noticed that there are sites that work on one browser without the other, for example, you find the site works well on the Chrome browser, but it does not work on Firefox

So you must check your site well so that the visitor can browse your site on all browsers so that we can reduce the bounce rate

13. use related articles

When you put other content related to the original topic, this leads to a significant reduction in the bounce rate

You can put articles that are related to the content in the middle or the end of the article, and you can put three articles as related content

So that the visitor clicks on it and interacts with the site at the required rate, which leads to a decrease in the bounce rate in a legitimate way

14. use the modified bounce rate code

In the end, you can use the modified bounce rate code, which is the code that is added to the Google Analytics of your site so that the event is recorded after 20 seconds, and it indicates the average time that the visitor spends on your site, and therefore you will be able to know the number of your visitors and the duration of their interaction. in your site

When you follow these steps and implement them correctly, you will be able to reduce your bounce rate and achieve great success on your website

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