How To Speed Up A Blogger Blog

How to speed up a Blogger blog in order to keep visitors as long as possible is the goal of all blog owners

Speed Up A Blogger Blog

Blogging has become a Real way to make money online

Therefore, you find that many of those who have the talent of writing content have resorted to creating their own blog in their specialized field

Although using the blog is easy, you only need to look at how to deal with the Blogger's blog

However, there are some problems that bloggers sometimes face, on top of which the famous problem, is the inability to speed up the Blogger blog.

Therefore, we will provide you with a full explanation of how to increase the speed of the blog

how do you know the speed of the blog?

Before we go into the most important steps to increase the speed of the blog, you can measure its speed by using the  Google pageSpeed ​​Insights tool.

what is the way to speed up the blogger blog?

You can speed up the Blogger blog by following these steps, but be sure to obtain a backup copy of the blog so that you do not lose any important data while making any modifications to speed up the Blogger blog

1 . Use templates that support amp

Many bloggers use the accelerated pages feature to ensure that they get at least 30% of visitors, which is a very good percentage to strengthen your site in search engines.

Google now supports Accelerated Pages, but its origins are in freelance developers

So the first step in speeding up a Blogger blog is to choose a template that supports the fast pages feature

2 . avoid using too many pictures

Images have an effective role in attracting the audience to your blog, but using them frequently leads to the slow loading of blog pages

Because the images take a long time to load

But if necessary, you can compress the images before uploading them to the Blogger's blog

3 . avoid using too many widgets

When you add widgets, which is the interface that is used by the visitor, this leads to slow browsing of the blog

This does not mean that you do not use widgets, but only add important destinations that help the visitor browse the blog easily

4 . do not share too many articles on the home page

It is preferable not to put a lot of posts on the home page, since overloading posts leads to downloading a large amount of data

This results in a very slow loading of the blog

You can control the number of posts that appear on the home page of your blog by going to the Settings menu in WordPress and then clicking on the Post section. After that, you can select the number of posts from 5 to 6 posts.

5 . not using too many ads in the blog

The ads displayed on the blog contain javascript codes that slow down the blog's speed

Moreover, the excessive use of ads gives a bad user experience, especially if it obscures the audience's reading view

The average number of ads is 2 to 3 ads

6 . do not put background images to speed up the blogger's blog

Similarly, bloggers use blog background images to attract many visitors, but they require uploading image data that prevents blog acceleration

So try to get rid of these images and replace them with a white background that speeds up your blogger blog

7 . avoid adding unnecessary css files to speed up your blogger blog

Some bloggers resort to using external codes to change the size of fonts, and thus have to add CSS files from outside the original template.

This process is very difficult, especially if the one who does it is not a professional in the techniques, as obtaining the texts related to CSS is difficult to implement, in addition to that, it takes a long time to load all the texts, and you will end up with a slow blogger blog

8 . avoid using special javascript code

Perhaps the code of the JavaScript programming language is a bad factor that affects the speed of the blog because it takes a long time for the pages to load

In addition, the excessive use of JavaScript codes may lead to the appearance of a white screen for the visitor, so you should reduce the use of JavaScript codes in order to be able to speed up the blog for the visitor

what is the importance of speeding up the blogger blog?

According to the latest updates made by Google, the speed of the blog has become a necessary factor in leading the search results

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